The thought returns to me often, I can not seem to shake it…  Despite wanting desperately for it to go away, it always comes back.   It haunts.

In America every once in a while the news is filled with the horrific story of a child abduction, like the girl in California who was taken by a man and forced to live in a tent in his backyard for more than a decade….. The man who has now been sentenced to 431 years in prison for what he did.

Yet, in Ethiopia more than 20,000 young children disappear every year into a world that we know very little of, one that is likely full of people like the man who took that girl and kept her locked up for so long. These children are trafficked, stolen, abducted into the unknown.

Something horrible enough to put a man in prison for five lifetimes is happening on a mass scale and no one it seems knows anything about it.

It is this thought that haunts me;  Where do the children go?  What happens to them?



With only 6 weeks left in our furlough here in America we are turning our attention towards planning for our return to Ethiopia and the program we will be getting off the ground once we are there. A program that will focus on stopping this kind of thing from happening by finding and rescuing these children while they are vulnerable, finding them before they become part of a number.

Our plan as a new organization, as is to help stop the tide, to do our best to get as many of these children off the streets and to give them a home and a bright future in this world.