As we close in on the final approval from the government here in Ethiopia for the Bring Love In project we are starting to think through these first houses and the logistics of paying for the startup expenses.  I am beyond blessed to be able to report to you today that we have four homes monthly expenses fully supported!  I cannot even find words to express how incredible and amazing this is!  That means that as soon as we get the approvals in we will be able to accept 30 children into the project right away.

God is truly good!

Today I spent some time reviewing the finances to ensure that we are ready to make this happen as soon as we are given the green light.  What I found was that we have raised enough money in one time donations to pay for all of the STARTUP expenses for 3 of the 4 homes.  But we do not have anything raised yet for the last home.

Meaning that we have the monthly costs covered for all four homes, but only enough money to pay for three of the four home’s startup expenses.

We heard an idea today though…

A few hours ago we had lunch with Caleb David and the team that is visiting from the One Child Campaign, and while we were talking with them someone on the team asked a simple question that has got me thinking….  He asked how many of the leather cuff bracelets we would need to sell to pay for the funds that we need to open that last house.  I quickly took out my phone found the calculator and typed in the numbers.

Get this! We only have to sell 115 leather cuffs to pay for the entire startup costs on that last house.

I think its time we had a Leather cuff party around here!   What do you think?  Are you willing to help us move some Bring Love In Cuffs to get this last home paid for?

How long do you think it will take us to sell 115 of them?

If we all share them on our Facebook pages, buy a few for friends and start spreading the word, I bet we could do this pretty quickly.

Are you with me?

Here a link to the Bring Love In story that you can use to get the word out.  (or click on it to buy one yourself)

Or if you are on Facebook you can click the share button above.

Over the coming week I am going to be checking both the cuff sales and forever family donations and then update on this post here how many more we need to sell to get to our goal.