I am broken today, and I love it.

I know, that sounds completely wrong. But give me a second and I think you will understand.

Today we are grasping for hope, falling on our knees before God and asking Him to come in and break down the walls that stand before us. Walls that seem so large and impenetrable, and unscalable that we are hopeless to get past them on our own.

Instead of wanting to turn back and run, we are finding ourselves climbing into His more than capable arms, and resting in His perfect peace.

Giving our attention to Him, and asking Him to do the rest.

Yes this is a hard place, but I love being here, I love knowing beyond all else that I need Him, and knowing that He is the only way that tomorrow will be any different than today.

In Him is love that can be found no other place on this earth, the same kind of love that these orphans we are here to help need so desperately today.

And so, I am here writing from this place of brokenness, and dependence on Him. Writing not as a person who is just leaning on Him, but completely climbed up into His great big lap, and being held by Him.

Past our abilities, we are choosing to give this next part all to Him.


Last night I drove across town alone, I turned off the stereo and navigated the dark streets of Ethiopia quietly. Praying.

I started off by asking God, once-again, for a breakthrough, asking Him to come and be in this situation, and then I stopped and started to simply worship Him, to praise Him for what He has done so far.

So much has happened, so many miracles, so many things that are far beyond what we could ever accomplish without Him.

I felt like a huge weight was lifted from me as I did this, like the act of thankfully looking back was enough to help me see that He was more than able to do what is needed next.

A few winding roads, donkeys, and small meteor sized potholes later I began to pray for the children, although I don’t know their stories yet, I know that He does, and that He wants only good for them.  I felt an overwhelming burden for these kids, for their futures and His heart for them, but also I began to become keenly aware of the battle that is raging spiritually for their lives right now.

“God, how are we going to get to the place where we will have them in their new families?” I asked out loud.  “How can we rage war in the heavenliness for these children today?”

I know that we have not had any definite bad news that would lead us to believe there are problems with the process, it is just that it feels like there could be an endless stream of these “delays” or “meetings” that keep them from finally moving.  And as I prayed for the kids, I felt strongly that the things we are up against are not of this world.

I am sorry if this is strange to you, but I believe the Bible is clear when it comes to the darkness that battles against our souls every day.   We may not be able to see and feel all of this in our walk through life, but there is no mistaking the truth about Heaven and Hell.

I felt at that moment that it was time for us to go beyond politics and our own efforts and onto serious prayer. Later I spoke with Jessie about my idea and she confirmed what I believed to be true.

“Without God moving this could take an eternity” She said after she heard me pour out my heart.  “We should do this” She continued.  “We should get together and ask God to move”

The plan is simple; All day this Tuesday is going to be a fasting day for us around here and we want you to join in.

This is not about being showy or spiritual for others to see, but us, a group of believers who are petitioning God in the best way that we know how, asking Him to come in and move mountains for these children who so desperately need love.

Are you in?

If you will commit to fasting on Tuesday with us please leave a comment and let others know that you will be joining in this battle.

Together we will climb up into his capable arms and ask Him to move!  Please share this and let others know, let’s get as many of us as we can to get on our knees together for these orphans.