This was the sun that rose in the East.

This was the coffee grinder that lost it’s lid.

This is the lake the formed on our street.

This is the furniture factory where we looked for couches.

These are the men who made the couches.

These were the stairs that led to the “showroom”

This was the boss who gave us the prices.

These are the couches that sat in the showroom.

This was the traffic that took hours to get through.

This was the coffee that helped get me through the day.

This was the man who will make us our new bed frames.  (All 20 of them)

This was the welder that will use to make the beds.

This was the shop that the welder was used in, where our beds are being made.

This was the factory that will make us our mattresses.  (All 40 of them)

This was Marshet (who works for Bring Love In) and negotiates like a tiger.  (That Priceline guy has nothing on her!)

And these were the papers that planned a trip to America where we can hopefully raise the money to come back and do this all again!

I am sure you already guessed, but I am going to tell you again anyway!  We are setting up the forever family houses, and getting ready for kids.   How awesome is that!  The other thing I am sure you already guessed is that it takes just a wee bit of tenacity to get things done around here. Crossing things off your to-do list is kind of like swimming across the English Channel.  Long, tiring and the mountains off in the distance never seem to get any bigger no matter how long you have been swimming. I am exhausted after the whirlwind that today was, and am going to go to bed.  No more writing from me.    (Which is why I chose pictures today)