We are so excited to announce that Omo Hope is expanding, growing and getting a new home!
After many years of dreaming of stretching out and building all new facilities, we are finally doing it! Omo Hope now owns a plot of land outside of Jinka that overlooks the Kizo mountain, lush green grass and room to spread out.

Below are some photos of our current grounds at Omo Hope:

We started construction about 6 months ago and hope to see progress in working towards the completion of the construction of our new dorms for the kids, a new recreational building and a new cafeteria and kitchen! All of our plans for the new facilities includes capacity for more bathrooms, better storage space, kitchen space and laundry space for our nannies.

We are also excited to be making space and capacity to take in 20 more Mingi children into Omo Hope!

Click the link to hear from Lale about current construction plans and updates…

As Lale said, there is a great need right now for financial support in working towards completing the new building! We ask that you consider giving or supporting this project as we work towards our goal of the construction completion for 2018/2019.

In the video above, Lale explains the plans and timeline for the construction of the new land. It’s a beautiful stretch of land right outside of the hub of Jinka with lots of land for the children to run around with views of the mountains surrounding the Omo Valley.

We are so excited for the completion of the new buildings and the move to the new land. This will be a beautiful and exciting new season of needed change for Omo Hope!
We encourage you to follow along in support with us as we expand, grow and provide the children and staff with all new accommodations and opportunities!

Below are more photos of the new land:

We cannot complete the construction of this new Omo Hope compound without the generosity and dedication of support from our donors.

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