So this is how it happened…..

Jessie and I were laying in bed a few nights ago. I was just about at that place where I was going to fall asleep.

You know that beautiful place where your mind finally stopped processing and making lists.

Thats where I was.

Then Jessie turns to me and says.  “I think we just need to give into the fact that we are nomads” I rolled over, tried to bring my eyes into focus on her face, trying to get my brain awake enough to figure out what she could possibly mean by this.

Then she continued.

“I think we need to just admit it, stop pretending that we are ever going to settle in somewhere and start focusing on being what we are, not something else”

“Oh” I said, aware that my reply was not really much of anything, but I was still trying to grasp what she was getting at.

“Yes. We move around a lot. But what could we do to make things easier?”   I asked, hoping for some sort of clarity on where she was going with this.

“Think about it she said, as she grabbed a pen and paper so she could make a list.  Here is what we are good at already.

  1. Our kids sleep really good, anywhere we put them.
  2. We know how to pack up our whole family in less than an hour.”

She continued for several minutes and listed off several other things that we were good at.  I listened in silence, starting to see where she was going with this but still curious as to what we could do different than we already do.

“Look at it this way.”  She said, her eyes lighting up as she explained

“A good backpack is more important to us than a blender.  A few pairs of jeans better than a closet full of dress clothes.  A light laptop more important than a flat screen TV”

I smiled, agreeing with her point and glad to see where she was going with this.

“But what do we do about that?” I asked,. Now very curious.

“We clean out!”  She said, proudly.

“We go through everything we have and slim down to the bare essentials, we get off the train of though that we will ever need this stuff and we start to focus on settling in to this lifestyle of ours.”

She then rose to her knees, smiling from ear to ear.  “This is who God has called us to, this is who we are supposed to be, and I want to step into this life with everything we have!”

I smiled, she was right.


And that is how we started the conversation that led to us planning one heck of a Garage Sale sometime before we leave for Ethiopia next month.  We don’t have a date or even a yard picked out yet, but I will be sure to let you know as soon as we do. I say this just in case you are in the Sacramento / Roseville area and want to come by and pick through some stuff that we will not be storing any more because we are stepping this up, going all out, literally selling out for the cause.

We are looking at the first weekend in August now, but I will keep you posted on this.