I must admit, I have labored in my head over the writing of post for far to long, to the point of near anxiety I have struggled with the words I would write, consumed with finding precise methods to describe this need, I have considered nearly every possible strategy to get this important message spread as far and wide it can go.

Yet, as I finally take the time to sit here and write I see how painfully wrong I have been in my thinking.

The truth is, this was never about my efforts, or my abilities that God could use to bless this endeavor, because this work is His alone, and the glory for helping these families rise out of poverty will belong to Him.

So instead I am going to simply lay out the facts, do my best to use my earthly words to describe a heavenly call we have felt on our lives, and then I want to ask you to pray with me that God comes in and moves in a great big way.

Today I come to you to tell you about 100 families who we feel God is calling us to add to our Keep One Home sponsorship program, each of them has come to us because they live in crippling poverty, they have come to ask for our help to rise up.

I could go on and on about the struggle that we have in our faith when we look at this daunting task, but I am reminded instead of a story I heard many years ago.

Did you know that if Bill Gates were to come across an envelope laying on the sidewalk containing one thousand dollars, he would earn more money in interest during the time that it took him to stop and pick it up, than the worth of money contained in that envelope. In an infinitely bigger way, God owns all that we see, and for us to ask Him to free up some of those resources to help these families, means no effort for Him.  God can do it!  All that we see is His, and today we are asking Him for something.

This realization of the vastness of God’s resources has helped me in my faith many times, all of this is His and our coming to Him on our knees in praise, asking Him to give us the resources to help these families is our way of worshiping Him.

Starting on November 1st, we will be signing up 100 new families to be sponsored, giving them just a little bit of help with the resources that they need to stay together as a family, we will be stepping up to help in these lives to prevent children from becoming orphans.   You would be amazed at how little it can take to bring a family who lives on less than a dollar each day before they are left with no choice but to give up their child to an orphanage, or an adoption agency.

We say, NO MORE!  We are here to help!

For the past year we have sponsored 50 families, and watched them grow and thrive with the support of our team and just enough financial help to move them forward without making them feel that they don’t need to work to support their families, seeing the tremendous results, and the simple fact that all 50 families are still together made us realize that this has to grow, we can’t turn a blind eye when this works so well.

Today, for the first time we are ready to give you the opportunity to partner with us and help sponsor one of these 100 new families!

The cost to sponsor a family is $39 per month, that sum includes funds for each family’s basic needs, medical care, some money set aside for small business grants, and also helps to pay for our two new social worker’s who will help support these families needs salary as well.

What do you think?  Will you stand with us and show the love of God to these families in need?   Will you help spread the word to your church, and your friends about the poorest of the poor here in Ethiopia who need our help?

Click here if you would like to partner with us to sponsor a family, and as soon as we have them all signed up in November we will write and send you information about your new family.


Thank you!