With all the major hurdles behind us and only a few administrative steps ahead, we are now bracing ourselves for the push of our lives, getting ready to take somewhere around thirty orphans into our care, to train widows as house mothers who will lead new families, to open our hearts to love like never before…. In this time of anxious excitement we are also finding reminder of old lessons surrounding a need for total trust.

Looking back on the journey to this place we can see that He has been nothing but faithful, bringing provision when it was needed, friends when we were lonely, and opening hearts of government officials to move our licensing process along in record time.

But I need to be honest, I can’t sit here in this chair and write a post about His faithfulness and the coming season that we need to trust Him for without mentioning my own weaknesses, and how at times my part, the trusting and waiting on Him part-it takes more than I have. My first reaction despite what He has done is to look ahead at the next mountain and worry, to think this one is to large for Him, and then to try to come up with a plan for how I on my own will solve this.

Nothing is impossible for him-I know it in my heart-but my faith is still a work in progress.

Thankfully it was never our-anything that God needed in the first place. (It’s a good thing too, because if it was my ability that He needed, I would be stuck in a hole somewhere curled up in the fetal position. Done for)

Today we are once-again in that beautiful-scary place where we look ahead and see a hurdle, something that we need Him to pick us up and carry us over.  Painfully aware that we in ourselves lack both the faith and the ability to do any of this.

With five homes sponsored already, and plans for many more in the coming season, we are in the process of building logistics and administration support for these new families. Creating proper checks and balances to ensure that each and every child who comes to us is given the best possible family, and a real hope for the future.

Our next task before the kids can come is to set up a compound that serves as both a Forever Family Support Center and an Intake Home where the kids land when they first come in from the government orphanages.

The total one time expenses to pay for initial rent, supplies and furnishings for the Forever Family Support Center / Intake Home is $12,250.

And although when we finished compiling these expenses, my mind told my knees to go week, my heart knows that God has a plan, that His provision will come and that we will not need to wait one day to take these kids into their new families.

To the God with a thousand cattle on a thousand hills, the one who owns everything, we are asking him for resources, asking him to move and meet a need.

Will you pray with us for a miracle?  Will pray that the funds come in so that once licensed we will be able to accept the children into their new families without delay?

I think why Jesus talked about faith like a mustard seed, was because even to have that much is at times nearly impossible.  He knew that we would all struggle with this, He knew that we would need Him, and that it would not always be easy for us to trust that He heard our cries.

Today we are crying out to him for his provision to come meet this need. We are choosing to listen to our hearts instead of our minds.

Will you get on your knees with us and pray? He will move!


UPDATE:  So far we have no funds raised towards this need.  I will come back and update this post as provision comes in.