Whether your new to this organization or have been following along on this journey with us from the start, we are so thrilled and excited you are here to join in with us in the exciting progress of this journey of Omo Hope!

If you haven’t been following along already, here’s the short of the long story:
Omo Hope is building a new compound and children’s home for all 50 of our children!

After years of working to get this land that Lale and the staff found and knew immediately that it was the perfect spot for the organization to grow and develop, the hard work is paying off! The new buildings are getting closer to completion everyday.

Pictured below (from left to right) are the boys’ dorms, the dining hall and kitchen and the girls’ dorms!

One of our teams recently got back from spending a week in Jinka, Ethiopia with our director Lale Labuko and the amazing staff and kiddos at our current children’s home.

They got to visit the new site and grab some shots of the construction progress thus far, and we are so thrilled to share it with you as well!

This space is set up so that once the children’s home is built and Omo Hope is moved over, there is so much room left for expansion and so many dreams and ideas Lale Labuko and the staff have for additions to the campus. We are so excited to see how this new space grows our organization!

Want to be apart of this new chapter for Omo Hope?

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