Sorry for the long break in posts here, our family was at a missionary retreat this past week (one of these days I need to write more about what an incredible blessing that was for us), and then travelling to America, and I have not been able to get a moment where my head was not foggy from all of the travel to write on here.  We ended up on a series of flights this time that had to set some sort of world record for longest and most complicated flight ever.  Not to mention that three of our four kids were sick with fevers during the whole time, this one is going down in the family history books of parenting fails for sure.  Thankfully we made it in one piece, and are finally coming out of it.  I have to tell you though, 42 hours of travel is just too much!  Never again…

On the project front back in Ethiopia, things are going great, I spoke with Thomas and the families are all getting ready for summer, the staff have planned several fun activities for the kids, and for a few weeks a team from Montana is coming in and will be doing vacation bible school for our kids.  Good times for sure!    This week all 44 of our school age children will be graduating, Thomas promised to send pictures!  (And I promise to post them)

The process for the new children who are coming to us from the government orphanage has finally taken a good turn, we were told that first thing next week they will transfer the files for our new children to us for review, and then as soon as a few days later we will be able to welcome them into their new home!  Please continue to pray with us that this all goes smoothly, and that these new children come home soon.