We now have a new boys’ home!
7 of our oldest teenage boys:
and Shwaferaw
are all moving to a new home in our Forever Families’ neighborhood!

They will be just a street away from the rest of the homes of Bring Love In, just a few doors down from their Forever Families.

The new boys’ home is an exciting opportunity for these teenagers to grow and develop into men with the help of our newest staff member, a christian man of God and trained counselor and mentor for the boys to be a full time leader and influence in their lives! The home will have a mom and and an aunt just like out other homes, but the boys will be in a new environment and have the ability to learn from their mentor as they become young adults and men of God!

We had an incredible and loyal donor sign up to cover the costs of the new home and our amazing staff is getting everything ready, house furnished and set up for the boys to move in!

The boys are all very excited for the new house and know it doesn’t change their Forever Families still being their family.