No I am not in grade school any more, I am a fully-grown, (partially-matured) man, who just realized something this morning when I woke up and I cannot help but write it down.

Tomorrow December starts.

Meaning that the craziness that is American Holidays are upon you. Did you catch that, I said upon you, not upon us….  I could not be happier or more thankful to be out of the mess, away from America while Christmas shopping deals are fought over, lists are fretted, trees are decorated, and general madness descends on the population.

No I am not a scrooge, I like Christmas, I like getting together with family, I like remembering that Jesus came into the world, I have no problem with all of that. But the lead up, the frantic buying, wanting and getting that happens, and the focus on stuff and buying stuff.   Not only am I happy to be away from it all, but I think it’s wrong how far into consumer land we have gotten.

Yes. You heard me right, I said I think it’s wrong.  In my opinion most of America is missing the point big time on this one.

And so this morning, when I looked at my watch and saw Nov 30 in digital letters across the top, I felt like I needed to sit down and write this post and wanted to call it “Neener neener neener”  I wanted to stand right on the little mound of dirt between the slide and the swings at recess and call out in my most immature sounding voice;

“You have to endure December in America and I don’t” (Of coarse my tongue would also be sticking out of my mouth for good measure.)

I know that it is quite possible that you might find me back here on this very same blog in 26 days lamenting the fact that we are missing Christmas and how sad we are that we cannot be with family, I might even be complaining about how no one celebrates around here because Dec 25th is not even Christmas in Ethiopia.

But that post is for another day, today I am just going with it and letting you all know that I am happy to have dodged the bullet that is the getting-frenzy of December.