First I have to tell you about these really neat necklaces that our mothers each have over here. They all have the letters “James 1:27” stamped into them and have a small pearl hanging on the front. Each of our mothers was given them as a gift and proudly wears them as they serve these children who were former orphans. Here is the deal though. We have some more of these necklaces that we are making available to you in our store. Meaning that you can now wear the same important message as our widow mothers here in Ethiopia wear. All proceeds from the sales of these will go towards the educational needs that we have been talking about. So please buy as many as you need for Christmas gifts and help us get these children up to speed with their schooling. Click here to purchase your necklaces today.

Tomorrow is a big day, one that the kids have been talking about for quite some time now. Together we are all loading into a bus and heading out of town for what will likely be the first real vacation day many of these kids have ever had. Be sure to tune in on Sunday as we will be posting lots of pictures! We are really looking forward to getting some quality time with our new families and giving them a chance to just be kids and run around and play soccer in some wide open spaces.