I know this guy who I want to tell you about today. The problem is he sometimes reads this blog, and so in an effort to make sure he does not get too big of a head, I am going to change his name. Not that he would get a big head, in fact he is one of the kind of people who would just say that all these nice things that I am saying about him are not true and that would be that. Anyhow, this guy still needs a fake name. What shall we call him? Lets just say his name is Jack.. Yeah Jack. No wait, that does not really fit him, how about Henry.

Yes, I like Henry.

Henry is then most generous person I know. He is generous in the way he does life, generous in the way he goes about every detail of every day, and for many years I could not seem to figure out Henry.

Here is the deal, the incredibly strange thing about Henry, the reason I chose to write about him today is that I began after many years to realize that Henry is not generous because he gives a lot of money. Although he does give a lot of money, in fact I have seen him give away more money to good causes than anyone else I have ever met, but that is not why I think he is generous. After watching Henry and wondering what was going on with this anomaly of a person, I finally came to realize what it is about him that has me so puzzled.

It is this simple thing.

Henry is generous with his whole life, the money he gives away is just a side note on the bigger picture, deep down he just genuinely loves people, and somewhere along the line he made the choice that he was going to give of his talents, his resources in a way that completely removed self out of the picture.

The projects that he takes on are generous, he reaches for the stars and gets massive things done that other people would not even dream of.

The people in his life come first. He truly loves and cherishes everyone around him and because of that everyone who works with him is fiercely loyal to him. The cool thing about loyal people is they will work harder than anyone else to get your goals achieved. Like I said before this is a guy with big goals, and big dreams, put that together with all these people who love helping him, and you multiply the effect of what he is able to do.

It is really cool, and has me rethinking all that my life is and how I am choosing to spend the resources and time that I have.

Ok, enough about Henry, he is human just like the rest of us, and no one can ever be perfect, but the reason I bring him up is that I feel like there is a life lesson here that we can all learn from and that is this;

Generosity is one of the most valuable traits any person can have. And I am not even a little bit talking about money that you give, anyone can give money, and most of us do that out of personal needs or perceived obligation anyway, what I mean here is that true generosity the kind where you become willing to give of anything that you have even you time to someone around you who is in need, that is epic and has the ability to change you from the inside, it has the ability to infuse you life with a whole different kind of hope.

People talk so much about theology, and the things that Jesus did for us on the cross and how that will change everything for us. Yes, I agree God gave us hope, and freed us from sin, but I think the life change, the deep transformation that Paul talks so much about in the bible, that can only happen on a lifestyle level when we make the conscious decision that we are going to be generous like Jesus was generous. I believe that one of the neatest things that Jesus did for us is give us an example of what a generous life looked like. If there is one trait of his that I would love to be able to live out every day of my life it is that,

I would love to be more generous,

I would love all my dreams to be more generous,

I would love to be so generous that everyone around me felt excited to go along with me towards the dreams God has placed inside me.

The truth is deep down in me is this burning passion for my years that God gave me on this earth to mean something. I feel that God handed each of us this gift, this precious wonderful joyous gift of life, and I think that one of the secrets that we so often miss in this gift is the wonderful things that happen to us and through us when we are generous and willing to give our whole lives to helping whoever God put around us.

Want to do this with me? Want to be generous with your life?