If you want to make music but are feeling uninspired, what would you do?  Although I have not picked up a guitar since I was sixteen (around the same time I made the decision that I would never be very good at music and quit playing) I know what I would do to break through the funk, I would make myself sit down and start playing something, start singing, or strumming, begin by making simple music first and only then could I discover what comes next.

Without the effort of the first chord, or the first note to free us of the doldrums, we will never see the light on the other side, never find the beauty that is inspiration, or feel the electricity of creativity flow through us and out into the world.

One thing is for sure when we do start with that first stroke of the brush, something will come of it, the picture might not be good yet, you might even find that you have years of practice ahead of you before others will pay for your art, but the simple act of starting is the most powerful tool that any of us has.

Today I have been thinking about the music that we make when we serve Him, trying to grasp the beauty in an act of showing love to another. It is truly a melody like no other-this song that He wants to sing through those who chose to serve.

Recently I had a conversation on Facebook with Dawn, a friend of ours who lives in Texas. Dawn was explaining to me a choice that she made recently to serve God in a practical way by being obedient to what she felt He was telling her to do with her life, despite not seeing the whole picture or understanding the music He was calling her to make.

“I just know He told me to start nursing school and so I did” She said, speaking of her surrender to the beat in the music He wanted to create.  “That is the only detail I have right now.”  She continued.

It was beautiful to read, inspiring to try and grasp the depth in this one simple act of surrendering to His will.

Dawn used to have a well paying job as a high-end makeup artist, but God had other plans, He began to show her that this was not the life that He wanted for her.  She now works at Starbucks for far less money and is attending Medical School with plans that go no further than to one day move where God shows her she is needed, to put the skills he is asking her to build to use for others. I could not be more inspired by her story, her blind faith, and simple trust.  A story we could all use to emulate in our own lives.

Dawn’s faith is an example that serving Him is not a grand symphony, not a solo for one, or a even completed composition, but rather a note played with both hands, one sound before another, and then another…

Not one of us ever gets to play an entire song, or complete a work, but together the sounds we make create part of the melody, part of the  harmonious music that dances off of the walls and begins to brighten the world, starting small then bigger and more beautiful as more join in.  It’s music that He wrote, a song so beautiful that only He could compose it. Lives are changed, love moves through us, and the world becomes a better place because of the simple notes we choose to sit and play, because of the simple act of starting somewhere.

Do you know what instrument and note you are supposed to play?  Me neither.  But together lets sit and start today, lets play something so that He can start to sing love through us into this world.