We spent the afternoon with Jerry and Christy at their recently opened day-care project and fell in love with the beautiful children they care for.  Before we went we spent some time on their website and looked through the families they have that need sponsoring and let our kids pick a little girl out who they want to sponsor.  And the good thing about living in Ethiopia is that just an hour after we picked out little Farituna we were able to meet her in person!  She is wonderfully adorable.  We were in love!   Farituna has Down Syndrome and they are working with her mother to get her medical care for a hip dislocation that has been that way for more than a year.  Its so easy to see that these kids are going to finally have a future because of the work that Jerry and Christy are doing, a future that they would have never had without this program.  You really need to watch this video and then go check out their site.  www.embracinghopeethiopia.com

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/23028493 w=400&h=225]

Embracing Hope Ethiopia Day Care Video - Short Introduction - Kore Addis Ababa Ethiopia from jerry shannon on Vimeo.