Dear Elevate Orphan Family,

I am humbled and hopeful after seeing the kids on our visit to Addis Ababa this February. Our short week was packed with amazing conversations with the kids and staff and I got to see true growth in the kids from the videos and story updates I have seen every year at Journey Church since I was baptized there in 2014. To actually get to meet them and bond with them was, quite beautifully, overwhelming.

With a camera in my hand I was able to watch Brandon reconnect and I got to make a lot of new friends. It was my first time in Africa and it was an intense trip for me as I wanted to capture so many different things so I could best show and explain what I saw and what is going on in this part of the world. As Reuban said in his letter honestly the only way to truly appreciate this place and these kids is to visit.

After a few days of warming up to each other, the young ones were asking me about my family and we talked about our favorite movies. The memory that makes me cry every time I think about it is when I was able to hand the camera over to some of the kiddos and let them capture each other. I imagine a day where I only visit to come and teach them more about editing and more advanced filmmaking; when they can make their own videos to show us all how well they are doing.

I look forward to going back soon. I don’t think anyone can visit this place and say “That’s enough”. It’s easy in this life to get overwhelmed by all the evil in the world but Elevate Orphan is doing invaluable work and gives me hope to see the good God is doing in the world to heal what’s broken. The work we are doing with these amazing children is crucial. Through Thomas and his staff team we are saving the lives of these orphans and transforming the future of Ethiopia by creating chemical engineers, doctors, and future leaders of Ethiopia and that fills me with hope.
Ameseginalehu (Thank you),

Michael Amos