(Pictured above: Meklit on the left)

Our second girl who is going to college along with Enguday, is Meklit. She also wrote out her story of how she came to Bring Love In with her siblings.

(Pictured above: Meklit on the right)


First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Meklit Tesfaye. I am 18 years old and I live in Addis Ababa in Bole subcity.

I will now tell you my story.

I was living in Kosmeda with my mother. Her name is Akmaz and her job was in trading. This means her job was never a set pay, changing day to day based on what she sold.

I was not the oldest child in the house, I do have an older brother, however, he never lived with us. Because of this, I had to help my mother with the selling and trading.
My little sister’s names is Hymanot. At that time, her age was 8, I believe. Her little brother, Dawit, was 5 years old. When we came to Selam, she was the youngest sister in my family. She is very smart. I love her very much. We have grown up with together and I have taken care of her as if she was my own child from when she was the young age of one a half years old.

Around this time, we lost my mother. She passed away, I couldn’t carry this burden on my own. Not only was I so young, I had no idea how to protect and support my sisters and brothers. I had no solution for this problem.

By the means of a shelter, we were able to live in a home and get food. Because I was only 11 yeard old at the time, I could not do anything more for our situation.

Finally, God helped us and heard our cries.
A woman named Rachel who worked in the women and children offices took us to Kechene Orphanage.

After 3 years, a man named Thomas took us in to Bring Love In, which is where I live now.

When I came here, everything changed. God gave us a different life by using the organization of Bring Love In. Because of it, I immediately changed spiritually. I believe in God. I cannot live by myself without God.

The other support of Bring Love In, is in giving us shelter, food and clothes. We also have been given a family. I have a mother and an aunt in my house. They give us pure love.

When I compare Kechene Orphanage with Bring Love In, the advantage is far greater in this organization. Now, I am very happy. They develop our social skills as well as our focus on academic life. I got a 423 on my entrance exam!

I would like to thank the administrative offices because they support us not like we are a job, they help us and support like we are family.

Finally, I would like to say: God bless you to everyone at Bring Love In for your support of us.”