Hey there,  (I almost said “ya’ll” Clearly Texas is getting to us..)

It wasn’t that long ago that we posted on here about the need we have for a new donor relations manager for Bring Love In.   We realized that the one thing that we are not very good at on this end over in America is also the one thing that is super important if we are going to fulfill this life long promise that we made to these former orphans.  Donor relationship building.  While we love what we do, and are as passionate today about the kids and the mission to create forever families from widows and orphans as we were the first day when we started out on this journey, we are also honest about the fact that some people are better at some things than others. We, Jessie and I are better on the team building, vision instilling, long term goal setting side, and not so much on the fundraising side.
A299E311-4E8A-4865-95B4-A01278982E73Enter Luther (and Rhonda) Ramsey.   Luther is a great friend of ours who we met several years ago while he was bringing short term missions teams over to Ethiopia, he is passionate, solid in his faith, and most of all talented in just the right areas that we are missing on the team today.   When we heard that Luther might be interested in the position, and that his wife Rhonda was in full support of this crazy idea, we just knew right away that God was at work.   I think the thing that I like the most about Luther is that he is honest, like brutally, lay it all out there on the pavement honest, and at the same time he is able to point to God right in the middle of everything that life throws at you in a way that is inspiring.   He could not be a better fit for the organization, and for the need that we have right now.

Here is the deal about the need.   Bring Love In is at a crossroads, a hard truth season where we are facing the reality of lower donations coupled with higher costs, and it has us on our knees for solutions.   The fact that Luther is coming in right now is perfect, but also incredibly hard for him to be handed such a hard task right off at the get-go.  To be honest the first thing that we are telling Luther is, you can’t fail at this…  Too much is at stake here, too much.

Please welcome me in inviting Luther in to this tough job, praying with us that this task that he is taking on is not too overwhelming, and that he finds his hope in God in the middle of all this, and the success that the organization so desperately needs in this area right now

Welcome Luther!

I am excited to say that Luther is going to be on here on the blog as well so that we can all get to know him and learn a bit more about their crazy lives and passion for orphan care all over the world.  Yay!

Take it away Luther!


Levi and Jessie Benkert