March Newsletter

Dear Elevate Family:

I want to thank you for your passionate dedication to this ministry. I am truly blessed to share The Lord’s abundant fruit in the lives of our children at Elevate with you this month.  We have 6 children who are seniors at a private school in Addis Ababa who have taken the qualifying exam for University late last year.  If you do not know, Ethiopia’s secondary education system is based on the models used in Germany and Great Britain.  There is a national exam given to all children enrolled in the 11th/12th grade  and the scores for each child determine (1) whether or not the child will be admitted to University in Ethiopia, (2) where they will be admitted based on their placement of exam scores and (3) in what field of study they may pursue.  The Government of Ethiopia pays for the children’s University education if they are admitted.Well, with that brief primer on the education system in Ethiopia, I am filled with joy to share that 5 of the 6 high school seniors had high scores and are being given the opportunity to go to University!  They are:

  • Yididya Bishaw-Hawassa University (375 km)*
  • Eyosiyas Mina-Bahar Dar University (552 km)
  • Tigist Getachew-Dire Dawa University (450 km)
  • Elisabet Alemayehu-Dela University (351 km)
  • Haimanot Tesfaye-Bahar Dar University (552 km)
    * distance from Addis Ababa

They will all be starting University over the next few months!  Hallelujah!  Praise The LORD! His Grace is Sufficient and Bountiful!  Hallowed be His Name!

These achievements would not be possible, for these children, outside of God’s Hand on Elevate Orphan.  Most of you can imagine the challenges facing these children who are abandoned in their childhood to the Government orphanages.  The material, emotional and mental anguish they must overcome to “pull it together” and live productive lives.  These children have done more than that in Christ Jesus.  They have overcome this world, the devil and their flesh in the Power of The KING. They are going to University…but, the real beauty is that they each know The LORD as their God and Savior.  Thank you JESUS!!

Elevate will continue to support each of these children with a monthly stipend of approximately $250 to cover their expenses while at school.

Haimanot Moges, our sixth senior, is going to trade school as a beautician/hair stylist.  She is extremely excited about growing in this career.  We are excited to see the path The Lord carves for her in the coming years! She will stay with her forever family at Elevate orphan till she is completely independent with her career.

In addition, I would like to remind you that we have two other students from our Elevate Family of children that are currently enrolled in University (in addition to the 3 that have already graduated!!).

They are: Seble Nigusa and Deraje Mazengiya.  Seble is a 3rd year student at Hawasa University completing a Sociology undergraduate degree and Deraje is a senior at Asela University graduating with a degree as a Health Officer (nutrition counselor) this year.  PraiseThe LORD!

Please also pray for the rising seniors, 9 of them, in our Elevate Family who are preparing to take the National Exam later this year (in the fall).  They are:

  • Sosina Usman
  • Dawit Mengiste
  • Moges Bishaw
  • Sara Desalegn
  • Seada Zewdu
  • Tsegereda Getachew
  • Gemachu Eshetu
  • Yebeltal Desalegn
  • Hirut Girum

You can see all of their pictures on our website (
Thank you for your love for our children and the widows and know that The LORD’s Hand is on this ministry for His Glory!!  Hallelujah!  AMEN.
In His Grip,


Haimanot who is going to trade school as a beautician/hair stylist.