I have neither the energy nor the creativity left in me to make this a post of any literary substance today, but I have to jump on here and give you an update on how things went today in the meetings.

As you may recall from my post a few days ago, we were to be assigned ten children into our new forever families by a committee today.  The meeting happened, lots of emotional ups and downs ensued but in the end our initial number of ten was doubled to twenty…   Yes, that is right, they doubled the number of kids that are to be placed with us.    Whoa!

Long-long story as to how this came about, but to put it simply the need is there, and our families were seen in this meeting as the best option for placing these kids who need a home.

We were told that the actual transfer will now be filed officially, and that either over the weekend, or monday morning our new children will be moving to their new forever families.   (fingers crossed on the actual timing of things, but all present seemed certain that this timeline was feasible)

Please pray for all of us, the staff, the mothers who are about to have full homes, the government officials who are handling a mountain of paperwork to make all of this happen, and our family who I have not seen more than ten minutes of in the past weeks while all of this is coming together.

Thank you!