I can hardly get my fingers to land on the right keys as I type here, the news I have for you is beyond exciting and I am not sure if I can focus enough to write this post as anything other than gushing happiness onto the page.

Jessie and I just left the Federal Ministry of Women’s and Children’s Affairs office where we had a meeting with the head of the branch that has been reviewing our project proposal, and we found out that our project has been approved and that it was already stamped and finalized earlier this morning! This means we now have only a few small administrative steps before we can open the doors to bring orphans into their new families!

I cannot even begin to describe to you what an amazing joy we feel right now, the wait is almost over, and we are so very thankful to have this big hurdle behind us now and to be at this place right now.

I want to write more, to tell you of the joy that we feel, but I can’t even make whole sentences here, I have had to go back over just these first few paragraphs several times already. Just trust me when I say that this is huge! This is a really big deal, and there is all sorts of celebrating going on over here!