Did you know that the longest flight ever recorded to be made by a chicken was 13 seconds long?  Yes they are birds, they have wings, but watching one try to get off the ground is almost laughable.  They just can’t get very far no matter how hard they try.

Today I was driving along the “freeway” here in Addis, (if you could call the potholed filled road that circles this great big city a freeway) and noticed off to the side circling near a big open field were these incredible, massive, beautiful eagles. They must have had a wingspan as big as the van I was driving and they were making swooping passes at something on the ground.  Interestingly at that same toime I was listening to a sermon by Timothy Keller on the stereo and he was talking about the soaring beauty of marriage and intimacy.  He was reading from a scripture in Proverbs about how God created us to be companions with one another here on earth, and he was explaining how anything less than fully and completely giving oneself to your spouse is like hobbling along the ground when we were made to soar.  He was drawing the correlation to the love that God has for us, and how we need to give ourselves to God to fully experience his love for us.

Watching these birds incredible display of beauty and gracefulness really sharpened the point that Timothy was trying to make.  I had to stop and ask myself, am I seeking to soar in my marriage and walk with God the way He intended?  Or am I merely using my wings to hop over the next hurdle that stands in my way.

I am writing this post today not from the perspective of one who does so amazingly well at soaring that I want to inspire you all to come experience these great heights with me, but one inspired by the beauty of this description and how I am determined to soar in my relationship with God, and my wife.

I do not want to be like the chicken who hobbles, then catches a few feet of air and falls back to the ground again.  I want to be like the eagles who soar up into the sky, who ride the currents of the clouds.

I am going to leave you with this picture of some birds that we encountered outside of the city last month. I put a piece of bread on my head and within a few seconds look what happened.

Are you ready to soar?



P.S. The first picture is of our daughter Ruth when we lived in the South near the Kenyan border.  That was our Chicken “Yummy” who we later ate for dinner.  We decided that it was ok if the kids named the chickens we were going to eat if it was a name that you would not mind saying out loud while you were eating it.  It sounds a lot better at the dinner table to say, “This is yummy! than to say “This is Lucy!”