You and I, we were made for more.

This life

This place

These tasks

This plan

He crafted our lives, built our beings, instructed our paths and planned for more.

He put us in this world, showed us others in need, gave us free will, and planned for more.

He loved us with a fierce love, gave us everything we have, gave us the ability to dream, and planned for more.

You and I, we were made for more.

The question is if we will choose to be like a boat sitting on the beach waiting to be used, or out in the waters we were built to navigate.

At Bring Love In, we feel that each and every one of us, each Christian on this earth, was made for more.  We were called to something bigger, together we make up God’s plan to change the world we live in.  The revelation we had was simply this, made for more.

But what do we do with that?  Made for more. Yes. But more what? The answer for each of us is different.

For us, the answer to that question is orphan care. We are supposed to give our lives to helping orphans have hope and a future.

About 6 years ago, we started work on a plan to help not only orphans but widows as well.  We began crafting a structure that would both provide good education and livelihood to the orphans we will take in, but jobs and economic stability for the neighborhoods we enter.

But there was something more still, another aspect of this whole plan that we were missing.   We again went back to prayer, seeking out what more we needed to make this work.

We finally found it.

Bring Love In is a community, not a program or an organization, but a community.  One that spans the oceans, stretches across borders and builds bonds between people from all walks of life.

A community that gives more than it takes.

A community of widows who are stepping in and giving their lives to raising children who are not their own.

A community of Christians around the world who are rising to meet the needs of the orphans who are crying out to be loved.

A community of selfless givers who are participating in providing resources to build thousands of widow led homes for orphans.

With these revelations in place we were finally able to sum up the calling we felt led to;

Bring Love In is…..

A community of people across the world who are working together to bring love in to the orphans and widows of Ethiopia.

Responding to the biblical call that each of us are made for more.

And so here we are today. I am a man, humbled to be called by God, blessed to have a wife and four children who are crazy enough to embark on this journey, driven by a passionate love to do what we can to help the widows and orphans in their distress.  Passionate about building a simple community, one that will grow and thrive, hopefully one day taking in thousands if not millions of orphans and widows around the world and giving hope in place of despair.

We will train these women and give them the resources they need to in turn train up future leaders and help them transform their culture for Him.

Because we believe that not only were we made for more, but these children are as well.  Each of them, no matter where they may be was made for more.  We are part of a community who is here to bring love in, to give hope and the opportunity to thrive.


Will you rise up and be a part of the community?  You are wanted here.