I am at an airport again, seems like I live in Airports these days…   You know how people talk about adventure and how its neat to see the world?…  Well those people are not parents.  While I am very excited to go back to Ethiopia again, get to catch up with everyone there and connect on the strategy and forward progress with all that we are doing there, I miss my stinking wife and kids so much right now!    We keep having to tell ourselves  in this season of our life “It’s worth it, it really is worth it”.   At times it is harder to believe that, yet there are a whole bunch of kids over here who depend on us and we made a commitment to them that we will keep.

I do get excited when I am heading this way though, a part of me feels like we left our hearts in Ethiopia and getting to come back and see everyone is so important for the ministry.


All of us at Bring Love In want to thank everyone who donated so generously in December, it was the biggest month of donations ever for our organization and we are thrilled to see so many new names in the donation list from all over the world!   Thank you!

If you are sponsoring a family you will be hearing from us via email in February with a short video of your sponsor family as well as an update on how everyone is doing.  I will be sure to post on here when those emails all go out so that you can watch your inbox.

Thanks again for everything!  We are blessed to know you and want you to know that we are thankful to partner with you in all this!