Since Bring Love In began one of our favorite ways to raise support for the ministry is through the items that we sell on the Bring Love In Online Store.  Its a place where we put all sorts of different things that we think are awesome, things like handmade jewelry from Ethiopia (more coming soon), shirts, artwork, books, and all kids of goodies from all over the place.  Today we decided its time to take things up a notch on the cool scale…


Are you ready for this?!


Its time for the Lovely Threads Competition!


From now through the 15th of March we are going to be accepting submissions for t-shirt designs, and then on March 18th we are going to post them all here for your votes, the design with the most votes will be the shirt that is printed, and the lucky winner who helped design the shirt will be crowned the official Lovely Threads winner, and that’s not all, they will also win…. (Yes you read that right, there will be prizes)…  A $100 shopping spree to spend at the Bring Love In store!   Yes, indeed, it is party time folks.


Anyone ready to do some designing with us?  The more creative the better!  We want these new shirts to help tell the story of Bring Love In and all of the goodness that is coming here to Ethiopia through the work that you help support.


Why all of this this awesomeness you ask? Well, for the past few months Jessie has been working on  the launch of several new items that will be coming to the store, soon you will be able to buy neat things like leather bound bibles that are written in both Amharic and English, and a great big assortment of Ethiopian handmade jewelry and design items for your house. But what would all this coolness do without some new nifty shirts to go along with it?   Enter the Lovely Threads Design Competition.   Boom.


Breathe….  We know, all this gets us giddy too.


Are you stable?  Ok, here goes, starting now the Lovely Threads Design Competition is officially on.  To participate all you need todo is submit your shirt designs to levi@Bringlove.In  then each of the designs will be posted here on the site on the 18th of March for everyone to vote for their favorites.

Ready? Awesome.