I have been through it five times, and I just have to admit here that there is not any other way to explain what happened.

God did something.

We have this account in our banking system for petty cash, we make deposits into it whenever an ATM withdrawal is made from the checking account and then we enter receipts from purchases made as withdrawals from the petty account account on this end.  I am super faithful about entering things, and never miss an entry.  On the deposits side it is easy to track because all of the entries also show up in the checking bank account statements.

I know, a bit too much in the way of technical talk here, but keep listening…

Today I sat down and entered all the receipts for the past week, everything is documented that we spent and as usual I put in each item as a withdrawal from the petty cash account.   Then I went through and checked to make sure all of the deposits that were made into this account are accounted for as well.  As always, each of the deposits into petty cash lined up with withdrawals from the bank account statement, however the receipts from funds spent add up to $863.42 more than we had in the account.

Do you see what I am saying here?  We were able to spend $863.03 more than we physically had this month.   I have both the deposits and receipts, and there is no way to make them say anything other than what happened here…  I tried re-entering them, going back and adding them up on a calculator, it is always the same.  $863.03

I have seen amazing things before, but this!?

I am stunned, honestly I do not know what to say.

God is good!