We got a call yesterday from the government officials at the office that is currently reviewing our project proposal. Apparently they like it, things are good and they say we will have the much anticipated green light to start making purchases and hiring mothers next week!

Super good news.

But…. (There is always a but) they also said that they did not like the name.   On our proposal the name of the local project is “Bring Love In Ethiopia” And apparently that is not going to fly…  What they said is that if any NGO (non-profit organization) name has the word “Ethiopia” in it that project has to be operating in five different regions.

Darn it. 

This does not mean that our American side project needs to be renamed, that name “Bring Love In” stays the same.  Just on the Ethiopian side we are going to have to make some changes.

We spent the rest of the day yesterday scrambling to get the papers rewritten with the alternate names for them to choose from and then getting them back into their office.  This morning we head back in with three alternate names for them to decide from.  We submitted;

Bring Love In for Children

Bring Love In for Needy Children

Bring Love In Group Homes

None of them really roll off the tongue or anything, but things here need to be real literal for the government to approve them.  So we are going with literal, plain explanations in the project name.

But, the big news here, the really great thing that is happening is that they told us we can start hiring mothers and purchases for the first homes to open!  We are so excited we just might burst!!!

This picture is a snapshot of the forever family startup budget, we are in need right now of some more support to help open these houses, it would be awesome if you could make a one time donation towards helping with the opening of a new home.  As you can see a little goes a long way towards helping make these new homes a reality.

Right now we have monthly sponsors for three homes, but we still need funds to set up two of these three houses.

How exciting would it be if we could make this happen in the next few days so that when we get the green light we are able to furnish these three homes right away!!  Praying hard today!

Click here for the donation information if you would like to help us set up new houses.

Thank you!