UPDATE: Only $200 more to go before we are able to purchase three wheelchairs!!!

I like to think that we are in the business of changing lives, that the work we do here has an impact on the people we help that will last forever, sometimes however a need comes up that cuts straight to my heart, and makes me thankful that God has put all of this together, and allowed us to be here in this place at this time, and that he has put such amazing people out there who support this work.  God is good!

Let me explain…

Bring Love In is made up of two ministries, one is the Forever Family project where we create and support new families from widows and orphans, and the other is what we call the Keep One Home program, where we sponsor the poorest families in our neighborhood with a little money and medical care to help them keep their children home instead of being faced with the choice to drop them off at an orphanage because they cannot find money to feed them, its a safety net really, help for the families who have hit rock bottom and can’t support themselves at this time in their lives.  I can’t tell you how many stories we have heard of families who gave up their children to an orphanage because of a bad year of crops, or an unexpected illness, only later to get back on their feet and wish they had not had to make those hard choices for their kids.  My heart aches for those families. And so that is what the Keep One Home sponsorships are all about, keeping kids home when hard times strike.

Recently we asked our social worker if there were any specific needs that these families in our sponsorship program have that we could help with, what we found out was that three of the families have children who cannot walk, and they would like a rugged stroller/wheelchair setup to help them navigate the bumpy streets of our neighborhood.  As you can imagine, we were thrilled to be able to help out in this area!   What a life changing thing it will be for these families to have wheels to help carry their children.  Then to make it all come together, we heard from a family who is moving to Addis and has a shipping container with extra space in it that they are willing to give up for these wheelchairs, that is when we knew that God was moving!

And so today, like many other days, we are here presenting you with a need, and asking that you pray about helping out.  The total we need to raise is $600 for each Wheelchair. But before I go any further let me share with you some pictures of the three children who need our help today.  They are Jafar, Yared and Fiker.

Want to help?   Click here to make a donation towards this need, and we will purchase the wheelchairs and have them sent to the Friesen family by the 24th of July when they will be heading over to Ethiopia.

We praise God for all of you, and your willingness to help out with these needs.  We are blessed to work with all of you in serving the least of these!

Thank you!

UPDATE: I just looked and we crossed over and raised enough to purchase three Wheelchairs!  Thank you all for your incredible generosity!   I will order them now and post pictures once they come, and we are able to give them to these precious children.