Elevate Orphan College Scholarship Fund in honor of Lidya Meseret Ostyn


Lidya loved Jesus, her family, and all the people God put in her life, both in Ethiopia and in America. 

She was grateful for what God gave her, including the opportunity to gain her associates degree in dental assisting. 

It would have brought her joy to know she was a part of helping others get a college education as well, especially young people who have experienced loss or hardship in their lives.

In Lidya’s honor we have created a college scholarship fund for the children in our orphan care program who’ve graduated from high school and are going off to college.  This year we have 3 who are attending college, and in the next 4 years we have more than a dozen who will be graduating high school and heading off to university.  

Your support will go towards a special scholarship fund for these former orphans to be able to get a quality education Lidya’s honor.  Thank you!


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