It hit me today, although I should have seen this coming a while ago.

We are not going to be here when the next big bunch of kids come into their new families. In two days we leave for our fund raising tour in America… And there is just no way that the kids are coming before we go.

Part of me is really disappointed, Jessie and I have worked so hard to get here and it would be so wonderful to see first hand when the kids come to their new homes for the first time. Yet we know that things are going to work just fine while we are gone, and that the wonderful people who have given their lives to the work at Bring Love In on this side here will handle everything wonderfully.

A while ago we were talking with Zertahun one of the new house mothers on the topic of how she feels about her role as a mother to formerly orphaned children.

This is what she said, and it sums up so perfectly why we are going to America to get more sponsors for women just like her to head up more families for orphans here in Ethiopia.

“There are many people who are called by God to be preachers, others who are called to share the gospel in their work places, and others who serve the poor, but for me, I was called to be a mother, and to bring up a family of future strong Christian leaders for my country”

We are excited about this next season, hopeful that we will be able to get many new sponsors for the work here, and thankful for the opportunity to come and meet so many of you who have been working behind the scenes to make Bring Love In a reality for the people of Ethiopia.

If you have not seen it yet you should jump over and check out our tour schedule and see if we might be coming to a city near you. We would love to meet you!