This morning we head out to speak at one last church, and then we come back to finish up the last of the packing… Then tomorrow morning we leave at 7AM!   I can not even tell you how ready to get on that plane we are right now, and its not only because we are ready to go back to Ethiopia to get this project rolling, but we are exhausted! This past few weeks has been nothing but going, night and day and I am not sure how much more of this we could hold on for.   Wishing right now that we were more rested before the 3 kids and I took on this 39 hours of traveling….. But it is what it is.   And even though its been a lot to take in, we could not be more thankful for all the support and kindness we have had showered on us during this time.  Its a good kind of tired!

Starting now this blog is going to be the day to day journey as our family tackles getting this vision implemented, stay with us as there will be lots of opportunity to join in and pray for various needs, this is a path that is sure to twist and turn in unexpected ways.  We are thankful for you, and could in no way make this happen without you!