One of the things that we have known for a long time, and struggled to do anything about is the fact that we simply must hire a US based employee who will be our donor relations manager if we are going to be sustainable with the funding that is coming in to keep things going.   Everyone we talk with, everyone we sit down with and tell the story of Bring Love In, everyone agrees.

If you are going to be successful long term at taking care of all these kids, you simply must have someone full time on staff who is building relationships with donors.

Simple as that

Sounds all good and great right, until you work out the math, the cost of one employee in America would pay for a whole lot of costs in Ethiopia, and so again and again we walked the other way from the good advice, and keep doing what we had always been doing.

Until now!   We’ve recently met a super neat family who have offered to pay anonymously for the entire cost of our bringing on a staff member to fill this role!   Yippee!

And so that leaves us with one more issue to deal with, we need to find one, incredible, amazing, top notch, wonderful person who is going to be our donor relations manager.

Want to help us find the best person for the job?

Ideally we are looking for someone who is in the Austin, Texas area where we are based out of so that we can meet up and work together on the job, however we think its more important that we get the very best person for the job, and so we know that we might have to be flexible on location.

We’ve put together a job description for the position that you can find here.

We would love your help in finding the best man or woman for the job, we need someone amazing, someone who can hit it out of the park and who is not shy to go out and make bold moves to bring in new donors for the ministry, and we know that is not an easy ask!

Got any references for us?   Send them to Levi (at)

Thank you!