I am not sure what to call this, part of me wants to say it is like a “relaunch”, or perhaps a “rebranding” but both of those things make this sound like a “business” and what we do is so clearly not anything of the sort.  Anyhow, if you come up with a good name for what to call this let me know, for now you are just going to have to bear with me while I explain a little.

A while back we launched something that we called “Orphan Prevention Sponsorships” a great program that helped keep families together, but it had what we all felt was a kind of negative name.  Yet we were passionate that preventing orphans was what the program was all about, all in all we have fifty families who have a combined 93 children in them, and all of them are kids who are now able to stay home because of the support that we are able to provide them through their sponsors. So why not call it Orphan Prevention, right?

Anyhow, after thinking, and thinking and thinking some more about this we landed on a new name, something that focuses more on the positive than the negative. Something that speaks of the hope, not the pain.

Are you ready?   Me too!

Here it is….. As of today we are changing the name to “Keep One Home”

It is about keeping kids in families, making families strong, and giving them the resources that they need to be what God intended them to be.




We love the redemption that we are seeing in our new Forever Families made up of widows and orphans, but there is no questioning that the best family for every child is the one they were born into.  After tragedy, or calamity than yes, we are there to give homes to as many orphans as we can, but we would be remiss as Christians if we failed to offer out hope to those who need it before something bad happens. Each of our families in this program live on less than $2 per day, and this program means the world to them.

Here is the deal though, we have 50 families who have been signed up to be in the program, but we only have sponsors for 40 of them so far.  The costs is only $35 per month to “Keep one home” and I am right here on my knees asking you to seriously consider taking on one of these last ten families today.

Your $35 provides money for food, medical care, and even a small sum that is placed in a savings account to help them when a rainy day comes around, or perhaps the chance to invest in a small business.


What do you think?  Will you help us Keep One Home?


Click here to sign up to take on one of these last ten families who need sponsors. Our prayer is that we can get these last ten taken care of before the end of this year, so that next year we can open our doors to the more than 150 families who we had to turn away from this program.





P.S.  Here are a few pictures of some of the families who are part of the Keep One Home program.  I know, tug at your heart strings… But these are real people who are in real need today. So lets get them taken care of! (I tried to upload more pictures but the rest of them are not showing up. The internet here leaves something to be desired)