My plan this morning was to spend an hour writing back to the more than 40 messages that are sitting in my inbox before we head out shopping again…  But, the internet is down, and these are Facebook messages so I cannot even open them to see what they say, let alone reply without getting online. Grrrrr.   I looove the network here, just love it.

So, instead I am going to try a little detour here and try to use my buzzing-with-tasks-for-today brain and write something for you.  (Doomed from the start to be the worst blog post ever written)

It is good to be here in the office and see things hopping, behind me Titina our new psychologist is setting up her desk and preparing the lesson plan for todays new-mother training.  On the other side of the room Marshet is working on getting purchase orders filled out and approved so that her and I can go to Mercato this morning and buy kitchen supplies for the new homes. And in nearly every other room of this place someone is doing something to get ready for the kids to come to us. Curtains are being hung, kitchens are being arranged, shelves installed, bathrooms cleaned, donations organized, the lease for our third forever family house is being signed, and papers of all sorts are being filed.  Like I said, the place feels ready to take flight.  And, after so many months of drudging through paperwork, and planning for all of this, I can hardly explain the joy that fills my heart just being here and watching it all come alive.

So far we are still on schedule to get these houses finished this week and call for our inspection, like I mentioned when this week started. We are praying that this productive streak continues and that we are able to pull this off.

I can hardly wait to start getting kids in and to be able to tell their stories and write about the redemption that is taking place in their lives.  I am not even joking when I say that I tear up when I think about how great that is going to be. I feel in a way like our whole lives have been leading up to this moment, like God was preparing us for this before we even could find Ethiopia on a map.  God is good, and this journey to the place where we are able to do this for these kids who have been orphaned is one that has been soaked in his grace and love.

Today, this simple post in the middle of a busy day is about thankfulness from a man who is sitting in a room, in a place ready to explode with the heart of God for orphans.

It’s good!  Really-really good.

Ok, the purchase orders are done and Marshet is ready for me to head over to Mercato with her…  They say it is Africa’s largest outdoor market.  I am just hoping we get through this with our getting anything stolen.  The prices are good though, so it is worth the risk, (or so the thinking goes) and I am just going to keep my hands in my pockets and hope for the best.