I’m not quite sure how it happened, it seems like this year flew by way faster than it should have, but somehow Christmas is almost here.   Every year about this time we start thinking about how we should have worked on getting some new items in our online store to sell, but it is always too late.  Not this year!   Since way back in July Jessie has been working on getting all sorts of neat things together.   My favorite by far though is this one.


It is a memory game that Jessie made with pictures from Ethiopia and words in English and Amharic. How neat is that?!   But the fun does not stop there, we loaded up on the English / Amharic bibles, and found all sorts of other fun goodies like Ethiopian made leather jewelry.    But here is the deal, we can only ship this stuff in time for Christmas if you order before the 15th of December, which somehow is right around the corner.

Like I said, it’s go time!

Click here to hop over to the Bring Love In Store to see what you can buy for Christmas presents.  100 percent of all proceeds go straight to the ministry and help us create new families from widows and orphans.

Thanks so much for your support!



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