I am laying in bed wide awake, unable to sleep any more. Last night I broke the cardinal rule of international travel, me and the kids all went to bed at 4:30 in the afternoon, so I really have no one to blame but myself for the fact that I am not sleeping at this hour.

Luella is lying in a peaceful sleep next to me, at some point in the night she slept walked into my room and I did not have the energy to bring her back up stairs.  I am glad she is still sleeping, I can already hear Everly talking in her crib.  Any minute here we are all going to be down stairs rummaging through the kitchen looking for something to eat. I am pretty sure that we will end up cooking up some Ramen noodles, because there is little else in the cupboards.

Outside the rain is coming down in large splattering drops, each of the gold ball sized orbs sounding like they were thrown from heaven as they smack onto the tin roof above our heads.  Much of the water has worked its way through the seems on the roof and has pooled in the kids bedrooms, it looks like this might have been happening for quite a while given the size of the puddles.   Similarly the dirt road outside our front door is a pool of muddy water, I am wondering what we will do tomorrow when we have to head out to find some more food.

Just before we dozed off I noticed that the running water is not working, I am not really sure what happened there but I will try and figure it out tomorrow.  Hopefully its not something major.

Yet as I lay here in bed, eyes wide open staring at the cieling the only thing I can think of is a quote that I read several years ago.  I have no idea who wrote it, or even where I saw it, for all I know it may have been in a greeting card.  But its perfect for what I am feeling right now.

Some people do things that drive you mad, the way they chew their food or clear their throat, but if you truly love someone they could dump their whole plate of food in your lap and it would not bother you at all.


That is how I feel right now, it brought joy to my heart when I tried to flush the toilet and nothing happened, I smiled when I saw the brown streaks running down the wall from the water that has been leaking through the roof.  We are home, right where we are supposed to be, right where God wants us and that is all that matters.