Yesterday we got to personally take a look at the 45 profiles for the kids we will be taking into our new families, each with a little photograph attached on the top, and details about who they are and why it is that they came to live in a government run orphanage.

All of the children who are being placed in our care are under the age of five, and as I am sure you can imagine these are just about the cutest kids you ever did see.  Each of them with a story that would rip your heart out, and a future that is glowing with the love of God!

Then today, all of the government workers who are responsible for finishing these files for the transition was called into a meeting… One that has emptied out every single office, and has brought work to a standstill.

We have no idea if this is a long meeting, or if it will be out sometime today, but we do know that nothing is happening until it is over, and so we are waiting patiently. (not really)

We were told by the receptionist that this was a department wide meeting and that it is unrelated to anything with our project.  (Thank God!)

If any of you is feeling sick and tired of reading updates about delays, just know that none of you are as tired of reading them as we are of writing them.

It hardly seems possible that anything else could even come up, but yet, here we are again.





P.S.  Part of me wanted to just stop writing on the blog here until we were actually driving kids to their new homes, but then I imagined myself following along with this story and praying for these kids, and then going three days without hearing anything… Not a good thing.   And so here I am again, writing about how things were slowed by something that we cannot control.


P.P.S. I guess all we can do is pray.


P.P.P.S I think that the longer this takes the more I feel my mind slipping from reality, and thus the more fun P.S.’s become.  Find joy in the small things right?