This past week has been busy for us on a whole new level, we are working on getting things in order so that we can start to take children in to their new families.   I know, on the outside it sounds like it would be simple, but when you get down into the details… Oh my!  This is beyond busyness.  But it is good!

Jessie and I were talking today about how things are going and about the next steps from here and we stopped in the middle of the conversation and realized something; This is really exciting what is happening here!   The redemptive heart of God is shining through this work, and it will all culminate in these children who were abandoned or who’s families died, being given a whole new chance in life.   We are both beside ourselves with joy about what is coming, and can see that all of the details scream out with the voice of God’s handiwork.  We are just bystanders here.

I know, I am gushing again here, (something I cannot really help doing now and again) but really, think about it with me… Think about the beauty of widows and orphans coming together and creating a new family, think about the stark contrast that these women and children will feel from the hopelessness where they were to the place of redemption and joy they are coming into.

It is beautiful beyond measure!

Have you ever heard of Glacier National Park? and how there is this road in the park called “Going To The Sun Road”?  It is this incredible place that pictures can not even begin to capture, a road that literally feels while you are driving on it as though it leads straight to the sun.

That is how I feel today, like God is breathing life into this project, and we can to nothing but stand and worship Him in this place.   He is here!  This is His road!

On Friday we met with a woman who we are going to hire as our accountant for the project, she is a faithful Christian woman who is well known in her church, and has over 14 years of experience in orphan care ministry. She is passionate about loving God through her work, and… She is ready to get started right away!   This is just one more reason for us to celebrate the work of God this week.  He is bringing along all of the right people at the right time, and we can hardly wait to see what comes next!

I know, gush gush gush…. But really guys?  Is there anything more exciting than standing and watching God move in the lives of widows and orphans!?!

I don’t think there is.