I am terrible at getting the camera out, I forget it every single time anything happens that might be worth taking a picture of.  Today though, I remembered!  And so we finally get to show off the new Bring Love In Intake Center / Office!

Check out this awesome place!  Now, can’t you just imagine this as a hub for countless new families made up of widows and orphans?!

Once we are done with it, this home will house around 15-18 children at a time, children will stay here when they first come to us for a short time while we work on putting together a new forever family house for them to move into permanently.  Also, the lower part of the home will be our office and support center for the homes.  Basically, this is where it is going to all happen!

If you scroll down to the last picture, that one is of the neighborhood where the Intake Center is located (the locals call it Goro).  The arrow points to the Intake Center right in the middle there, and all around it is where all of the forever family houses are going to be.  Amazing isn’t it?