2013 has been a breathtaking season for Bring Love In over here in Ethiopia, we have seen new families build life long bonds, and old ones strengthen what was once barely a thread that held them together, it has been a time of sharpening our aim, and honing the skills that it takes to accomplish this mission God has called to; Giving the gift of family. 

Today we are excited to share with you a new video that tells the story of what makes our heart beat. This is what poverty looks like and some of the terrible ways that it rips families apart. But there is hope! And that hope is the mark that together we will leave on the world.

But wait!

Before you click play, we want to challenge you; when you are done watching join with us in the crazy goal to spread this video all over the world!  Bring Love In is not just an organization, but instead it is a movement of people who are passionate about creating and preserving families in Ethiopia. We strongly believe as you do, that the world should not look like this for anyone-no matter where you were born-and today it’s time to stand together and wear our voices raw as we yell at the top of our lungs!  “We will be part of the solution for the poor!” 

(Be sure to open full screen before watching this, the little window kinda takes away from it)

Are you with us?  Plain and simple; we need your help in spreading this, the more people who will catch the virus and will then spread it around to others, and then join the movement to change the lives of these, the poorest of the poor in Ethiopia who need our help.


Levi and Jessie