I wanted to post the email that we sent out to all of you who have signed up for our email list, just in case you missed it…


Dear Friends,

I can hardly believe it, but it has been two months since we last wrote you, at the time we were sad to report that Drawn From Water was closing, something that none of us ever wanted to happen. Yet in that season God was tugging on our hearts, pushing us to continue on and start a new orphan care project in Ethiopia.

We have responded to that call, and today I have the privilege of introducing our new project to you! 


Real Community Transforming Orphan Care Starts Now


Did you know that at the current rate of adoptions in Ethiopia it would take more than 2000 years for all the orphans to be placed in homes?  Staggering huh?  It makes you realize that its time for something big. 


With these vast needs in mind, we are proud to announce the official launch of Bring Love In!   A family model, orphan care project, that couples widows and orphans from within the community and gives both the resources they need to become a thriving successful forever family.  


Bring Love In, with the help of widows from the local area will provide in country orphan care, at a community compatible level, something that is not only more affordable, but also helps to build up children who will become future leaders among their community.


We will be renting small homes, within the local community and providing full hands on support for these newly formed families, everything from education, to medical care, to spiritual development will be taken care of all the way through college and beyond.  A Bring Love In family is a forever family! 


We could go on and on about the horrible things that happen to these children who are left to fend for themselves, things like sexual slavery, malnutrition… But we want to focus instead on the positive.  Bring Love In exists to provide hope where there is none! 


In short Bring Love In will empower widows to help orphans. 

Here Is Where You Come In


After months of working to qualify we were informed yesterday that Bring Love In has been approved for an ongoing monthly matching funds grant to help get the first widow led homes opened in Ethiopia.


We cannot even begin to tell you how exciting this is for us! 


However there is a catch….  The deal with this grant is that we will loose it if we are not able to get others to come in and donate.   So here is where we really need your help in a big way.  


Will you make a monthly donation commitment to help build a sustainable long term solution for both the widows and orphans of Ethiopia?  We have to work fast or we will loose this grant!  So please do what you can to get the word out. 




Bring Love In is a community made up of Widows, Orphans and You, but without you none of it will become a reality.  We need your help today. 


Thank you! 
Levi and Jessie Benkert

Co-Directors Bring Love In