I am going to blame someone who we saw at church for this, leaving all the fault on her and accepting none of it personally. Yep, not a bit of it was my fault. Got that? OK, Great. Now I can tell you.

So this person told us that we needed to watch America’s Got Talent (Note again here, not my fault…) and we watched an episode last night. “Its a mocker” She had explained, “But totally a great way to escape” And for some reason we listened to her.

It was painful. Pure torture.

Person after person came forward and tried to prove some sort of entertainment value in front of the judges. Putting themselves out there to be mocked and shamed. I just don’t understand why they do it.

Its horrible, yet almost impossible to turn away from. They design the show to appeal to some mean streak that lives deep down inside.

I realized as I sat there clenching my teeth, that each of these people is searching for a passion, for a purpose. Each of them was made for more, and deep down they know it. Yet here they are, seeking a way to be known, to be loved, for all the wrong reasons.

They are lost, looking for something, but they are not even sure what it is.

I wanted to jump through the screen and grab these people, to shake them and yell at the top of my lungs. YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE! Made for something different.

Its like watching a dog sled race in Alaska with a bunch of house cats tied to the harness. Or a barbecue being used as a raft to float down the river.

God intended you for something. He planned all of this, and he had more in mind.