Jessie got me thinking today about this idea and I’m having fun thinking about it. What exactly happens when you give an orphan a family? Let’s talk about that.


When you give an orphan a family
You also give him hope.

You give him the ability to thrive.

You give him the ability to take life on and create something for himself that also benefits others.

You give him an idea, a concept, and then you show him how it works. He then is able to go out and create his own family who in turn gives to society.

More hope.



When you give a country strong families.

You give that country more of what they need.



Sustaining love.


Structure with which to build upon.



When you give a country family raised citizens who have been taught a moral compass.

You also give them leaders.




You give them the chance to take what was once broken and fix it in such a way that not only they will be fixed but they might just change the whole country around them.
When you give a country strong leaders.

You give them vision.

You give them a source for wisdom.

You help support them to dream.

You create for the future.

Change happens.

You unlock what was already there deep inside each child and you start something amazing.


But the cool thing about this is that it is all led by great amazing local leaders within Bring Love In who care about their country, their orphans, their future. We get all giddy and tickled happy when we think about our role in this any how such amazing things are happening and we get to be supporters and assist in all this    Its pretty awesome and we are darn proud of the leaders and staff at Bring Love In and all they do for these kids


Bring Love In is about bringing hope. One child at a time. Hope for the future. Change that will last. Leaders who will lead well. A vision that will last.

Are you with us?