Before any of you notice and start leaving lengthily complaints in the comments about how things “used to be” I am just going to say it up front. Gonna get it out there so you can’t say I never told you so…

The blog here, it’s going to suffer.

There I said it. We still don’t even have our license printed, (Don’t ask…) and we already with the running around a preparing are starting to feel the pinch, already finding we have little time to sit down and write anything of value.  Sure we will be able to scribble out some updates, maybe even flash a couple of cute kid pictures on here, but real writing, real thought out opinions on things of value, those posts might be a thing of the past…  Not that the writing was any good before. In fact, maybe you despised my opinions and blabbering on here, in which case, for those of you who set up your tents in that camp, you can consider this little announcement to be a good thing.  “Yay, no more of Levi’s ranting!”

While I am at it, there is something else I want to say, something else that I feel is important for you to know before we get all into things. And that is this; If you come here for the glossy version, come to read the scripted life of a missionary family who can do no wrong-let me just tell you now, you are in the wrong place.  Things in Africa, yeah, not so easy all the time.  Yes today might have been a good day, but tomorrow….  We have no idea what it will bring.  Yes we plan until we are blue in the face, do things like gather up good people who are serving as the board of directors, and carefully follow the laws and do things by the book, but tomorrow…..

If things were easy, if starting a project to help kids, if placing this many children in families were easy-than why are there still orphans?  It’s tough stuff-complicated-down on your knees-crying out to him frustrating stuff!  And although we love what we do, and feel that God has called our family here, we are not 100% in control, (not that you really can be anywhere in the world) and never want you to think that we are coming off like we think we have it all figured out and can plan for everything.

But what we are, what we can promise you, is that we will always be completely honest. If something tragic happens along the way, even if it makes us look like terrible people, you are going to hear about it. If things are a mess, you are going to hear about it. If all hell breaks loose, you are going to hear about it.

So buckle up or do whatever you have to so that you will not fall out of your seat, because by being here in this place, by coming on this journey and committing along with us to help these kids who have been placed in the government orphanages in Ethiopia, it might be rewarding to no end, but no one ever said it would be easy.

And about that license that we are waiting on that I mentioned earlier… After spending 4 hours in the appropriate office today waiting for a meeting, we finally got into the right office and were told that yes the license process is complete-yes we have done everything that we are required to set up the project…. But we are going to have to come back in a few days because this is a busy week and the license printing people are a bit behind…

From our nearly three years of working here we have learned that reports like this one should be no cause for alarm, just another chance to practice that slow relaxing breathing we have been working on.   This too shall pass!

Thanks for going down this road with us, come good, bad, ugly, or whatever, we still serve a great big God! And he has a plan!