I don’t really even know what to say about this, sometimes when God moves and puts things together it is hard to put your finger on what it is that you are feeling.



“Scared pants-less about what is coming next, when you see all that He has lined up”

In recent months people-like really good people-have come out of the woodwork to help, people who know their stuff. People like the;

-The incredible staff and new house mothers in Ethiopia who are jumping in with their whole hearts and doing amazing things every day.

-The Corporate Controller who donated his time to set up financial tracking systems.

-The Bookkeeper who dove in head first and is efficiently running those systems, and not charging a penny.

-The Designer/Photographer who took on our half baked design ideas (threw them out) and then created a whole new look for Bring Love In, T-shirts, flyers, and an awesome video, included.

-The web designer who then took those designs and turned them into a whole new website (coming soon).

-The web code genius who is creating a way for sponsors to connect directly with their sponsored family in Ethiopia.

-The more than 35 families from all over America who signed up to take our family in and host events to spread the word about Bring Love In.

-The PR guy who is helping re-imagine the way we communicate to people around the world.

-The countless passionate supporters who have told this story all near and far to everyone they knew, and have inspired even more people to get involved.

-The more than 700 people who have given financially, without them none of this would happen!  (and no, that is not a typo, I said 700!)

I think the best way to explain how we feel about all this is,


God is moving, and none of this is anything we can claim.  We are not even remotely responsible, but with/through Him good things are happening, and widows and orphans are coming together to create families.  Lots of them!

I don’t know about you, but I am excited to look down this road, and can hardly imagine what He has planned next.  Clearly it is going to be a whole lot bigger than we are capable of dreaming on our own.

With all these wonderful people lending their expertise it is inspiring us to dream bigger about what comes next. I hope you are ready, because this is shaping up to be an incredible season in this journey.

It is almost like, for a moment, when we step back and look at the way He is moving, we get to see a glimpse of His great big heart, reaching out to these kids, and saying “I love you”