It’s early, most of the family is still asleep, but my two early-riser girls are up and at em, so the three of us are hanging out on the couch, playing.  Everly has a doll that her grandmother made her, one that has the same black as night skin that she does.  She named her Selila. Luella is patiently wrapping and rewrapping blankets around Selila for Everly and helping with the various ailments that keep coming up with the doll.

I glanced over at my email after they moved the game off of my lap and onto the floor and saw this picture.  I literally choked up right here and cried.

This is the first time that I have seen the new forever families all together in their homes, with their new mothers.  We have gotten a few other pictures from the first day with all the staff, but not as a family group like this.

Stop your day for a moment here with me and soak up these beautiful new families and the joy that is all around them.

Thank you so much to everyone who has made family a reality for these kids.  Their faces say more than I ever could about this beautiful new life they now have because of your generosity.

Lastly, here is a picture of the eleven new kids who are now living in our Intake Center while we prepare new families for them. The Intake Mothers had a welcome party for the kids on the second day after they arrived.

Please share this post, I want the whole world to see this beautiful redemption that God has brought about for these 25 kids.  I am jumping up and down excited here!  God is so good!

One more thing.  Yesterday we asked if anyone wanted to help cover the cost of setting up one of the three houses that we are setting up (and don’t have funds for), I just looked this morning and we have $2000 of the $5000 we need for this last house!  Thank you to everyone who gave!   If you want to give towards giving these kids a home please click here. 

Thank you!