I mentioned on here that we got a chance to share about the orphan care project with several people in Texas last weekend, but there was one other interesting interaction that I can not seem to shake from my mind.

We had the pleasure of staying with the Alexander family, you might know them from their amazing blog about all things Ethiopia and adoption.  On the night that we stayed with them they had several folks over to their home and we spoke a bit about how we will be coupling widows and orphans in Ethiopia.  Well that night several women from Ethiopia were there as well, they were all sisters who had immigrated to America after their father was assassinated during the communist time nearly 20 years ago.  Anyhow, long traumatic story there for another time.  After we spoke about our plan one of the sisters took us aside to share with us about a family she knows in Ethiopia..  I think its best for me to try and recall what she said and write it for you.

“We know a  family in Ethiopia who lost the father a few years ago, he was a taxi driver and was able to provide a stable income for his family, it was not much money, but enough to feed the children and keep a roof over their heads.  After he passed away though things quickly started to get bad for this mother and her children.  She tried everything she could to provide for her family, she struggled to find work, anything, but no matter how hard she tried nothing seemed to come together.  She now has resorted to something that she never wanted to do, but was left with no other option to keep all of her children fed and not have to watch them starve.  Now every night, after all the younger ones are in bed she takes her eldest daughter out to the side of the road and watches over her while her daughter prostitutes herself for money.

Knowing that things like this happen today, and knowing just how quickly this situation came on this family, I can really say that this project, this way of both helping widows and orphans in Ethiopia is very good.  Thank you for what you are doing for our country.”

I have been haunted by the thought of this since she said this to us several nights ago.  I pray that we are able to stop this from happening to innocent people.