Some of what we do here are things that I really enjoy and get a sense of yipeeness from. (Yes, yipeeness is a word that I just made up, when you blog you get a license in the mail to make up new words.  Mine showed up last week and I framed it on my wall) I like the helping kids part, I like the feeling of accomplishment that we get from creating things, and I even like writing.  But when it comes to digging in the code behind the website here to make the pesky comment count stop showing up incorrectly, or when Facebook pages just up and stop working on me… I want to scream and shout and drop my computer in the toilet.  (Thankfully the rim on our toilet is just small small enough that my laptop does not fit down to where the water is or else I would not be able to write this post today.)

Sometime about 6 months ago I set up a page on Facebook, the idea was that you could stay in touch with what was happening here on this side of the world without making the journey back to the blog each time you wanted an update.

Simple, no?… Only, its not working out that way

All you had to do was click the “like” button on the page here, and wa laa!  We could pop up on your Facebook wall from time to time with a tidbit about what was happening over here.

Sounds great right?  Well somewhere along the way I set up the wrong flipping kind of page.  I still have no idea how it happened or even what exactly happened, but the page that I set up has about half of the functions that it is supposed to have.

So… Today I am back, starting over again, this time with the right kind of page, or at least I pray to God that it is the right kind of page, because I don’t have the patience to do this again.

And I am back here, asking you to click the like button yet again, even if you had before, because this time you will be liking the real Bring Love In page on Facebook.  The old one is going to stop working.

Today there are only 12 people who have liked the new page, lets see if we can get this thing to happen for real!   Will you click the like button on the new page there?   And if you are not on Facebook, don’t worry, you are still cool, just come back here and check up on things every once in a while. I only joined up because I got pressure from the people who thought they were cooler because they were on Facebook.  I caved.

Ok, enough rambling here about something so trivial.  I guess I figured since I spent most of my afternoon today trying to figure this out that I should at least write a blog post about it.  I am sure that someone smarter than me could have gotten this squared away in a few minutes.