There was a time when I thought of the word as a sort of criticism.  Like in “He was humbled big-time when the crops failed”.  Later though I have come to realize that to be humbled is to see your place in God’s great big world.  Like in “That day he was humbled when saw the vastness of God and the smallness that was his part in all that was taking place”


Life is gloriously beautiful when we see that it is not us who is driving the ship but Him, when we give up the ridiculous notion that we are calling the shots and see that He is always around us and goes before us.


Today as we start a new year I am both humbled and honored, to look back at the last year is to see God all over things, covering our mistakes and our inadequacies with grace, and moving not because of us, but in-spite of us.  We started out the year with an idea, a hope, a dream of helping orphans. Today we have placed 45 kids in new widow led ‘Forever Families’, and we have helped another 93 stay in their families through the ‘Keep One Home’ program.  God is truly moving!


I am honored because we don’t deserve all the trust that has been placed in our family as the ones who are administering all of this. We aren’t especially smart, or overly talented, we just feel God calling us to help orphans and widows, yet we keep finding incredible staff who believe in what we are doing, and thousands of people are coming along side from all over the world to help. People who we have never met, from places we have never been are being generous in ways we cannot imagine! God is truly at work, because we could make none of this happen on our own.

This is what I mean when I say that we are ‘humbled’, when we look around us we see God at work, and we see a plan greater than we could assemble, a people larger than we could assemble, and a mission that outstretches our wildest dreams, and all of it is coming together and causing us to dance in praise of God and his heart for the orphans of this world.

Looking forward things are getting even more exciting, we have plans to open more homes this year, and to expand our sponsorship program to keep even more children home in their families where they belong. We still have not settled on exactly how big the expansion will be, the plan is to open up for more sponsors in March and have the new mothers trained and houses ready for kids by the end of May.

We are humbled by God’s goodness, honored by your support and confidence in us, and thankful for the way things are coming together.  We could not ask for a better more beautiful life journey, there is little in this world that gives us as much joy as watching a lost and left alone orphan come into a family and become part of a something that God has for them.

It’s good.

We hope that you will join us as this new year begins, join us in celebrating the greatness that is God, and in supporting widows and orphans so that their futures can be bright.


Are you with us?